In the last few years, the trend has been to reduce the size of our homes and apartments. Tiny houses, cottages, cabins and smaller apartments have gained popularity over the sprawling great houses and lofts of the previous generation; Millennials, concerned about the environmental attempt to reduce their footprint on the world, are looking for smaller, simpler homes. All this requires viewing our spaces with a new eye to function and design.


white example

Choose white walls and light colored rugs instead of darker colors. Dark walls can make a statement and feel cozy, but they also make a room seem smaller. You can always add the dark or bright colors for accents throughout the room.

Use fewer pieces of furniture and select pieces that have multiple uses such as trunks that store blankets and act as a coffee table. Shelving units can house books, electronics and decorative items. Sleeper sofas add extra room for guests.

Eliminate clutter and scale down. Less is definitely more when it comes to a small space. Purge items or store away neatly. Smaller spaces require more organization and a ruthless eye and adequate storage.

Mirrors can make a room appear double its size. Carefully place mirrors with interesting frames in dark corners, alcoves, above fireplaces or on large wall spaces to enlarge the space and reflect light.

Stripes make a room appear longer. A striped rug can make the space seem either wider or narrower depending on the direction the rug is placed. Add vertical stripes to make it taller.

Frosted glass hides clutter, with a feeling of space behind. Glass coffee tables let the light and the rug show through. Uncovered windows let in the light and make the outdoors shine in. Place glassware on open shelves to add space and airiness to a close area.

Furniture placement is key to small spaces. Make sure that there are clear, defined traffic patterns. Cramped walkways make spaces feel smaller and confined. Allow at least 24” for walking between or around furniture.

Enjoy your small, uncluttered space. This leaves more time for enjoying life and less time looking for lost items, cleaning and maintainence.