Interior Forcast

pink door reports that the newest colors for 2016 are Rose quartz and Serenity Blue. Pale pink and Pale periwinkle reprise the 90’s pastels in a big way. Along with soft salmon/coral called “peach echo”and a warm lavender called “ lilac gray.”

All this is important because as any interior designer knows, what fashion colors do this year is what their customers will want in their home décor in a year or two.  After years of neutrals and bright colors, easy on the eye pastels are just what they are looking for.

  • pink rugs

Pastel colors add a warm glow to a room and are relaxing to live with. Think of strawberry ice cream or a soft sunrise in pink, blue and soft coral. Imagine a room with pale pink walls and white or off white slip-covered furniture. Even the name, “serenity blue,”invokes a sense of calm and well, serenity. The soft periwinkle color looks like a summer sunset. Peach and gray add additional colors to the livingroom.jpg

The new pastels are gender neutral. Soft lavender and pink in menswear will open up the next few years to more “masculine” design in softer hues. Think of a pink bedroom or soft cream and blue office space.

pastel office

Paint any room a soft neutral and see the magic happen. Put your feet up, sit back and ….relax.