The Return of the Red, White and Blue


After attending the markets this season, our designers were amazed at a trend sweeping the country.Maybe it is because of the presidential election or a new found national patriotism, but in either case, red, white and blue are back in a big way. Not the soft denim blue, but bright cobalt, indigo and sapphire. Red acts as an accent color, or is avoided in favor of a more simple blue and white pallet.Livingroom in bluw and white

It has been seen in wall color, and rugs. Blue and white can go traditional, or up to the moment contemporary.

Cobalt makes a strong but peaceful statement in the bathroom or bedroom.


15-04-23 Hamptons_004_IE crop


Grandma’s blue willow dishes are out of the closet and front and center as a decorative motif.


Below, bedding in indigo and white is especially welcoming and restful and adds a fresh nautical look to a plain white bedroom.

Blue and White Bedding_1

Watch for Flag art, including actual flags framed in all of their glory. Hanging flags on porches and walls and flags from other nations as well as the US.


One thought on “The Return of the Red, White and Blue

  1. I have always decorated my home in blue tones! Several of my rooms are in Americana decor. I try not to over do it, but blue speaks to my heart. As well as red white & blue! Just love it! I’ve lived in the city, mountains & now at the beach! Every home I’ve had was in Americana. I tried to change it up in a couple of my homes but it just didn’t feel homey to me until I changed the colors to, well you know the answer to that! I just found this site, I’m in love with it! Thank you!

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